Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Summer is over...and a new year begins!

It's been a fast paced summer.  I visited my family in Manitoba, as I do every year, for three weeks.  My sister sold her house and moved to Red Deer so my husband and I took her 3 kids back with us a week early so they could pack.  Yesterday, I started my new job as CARC's Mathematics Teacher Facilitator.  All very exciting news!

In my role as CARC's Mathematics Teacher Facilitator, I will be working with K-12 mathematics teachers throughout Central Alberta.  I am excited but taking very deep breaths at the same time.  Today, I focused on two major concepts which I will be discussing in further blog posts.  At the end of each day, I'll post something that I've learned or created that I feel will help other math teachers out there.  Sometimes, it might be a "please help!" sent out to the universe.  Feel free to send back a response if you have something useful.

My main focus today was to search Geometer's Sketchpad for teacher friendly pre-made resources.  I will be offering a session in October to several teachers and would love to be able to provide them with tools they can walk away with, resource banks they can easily search, video or pdf tutorials for support and confidence to create their own.

I was provided with two CD's created by KeyPress focusing on Algebra and Conics.  I know the CD's are old but I was very disappointed that the files didn't include any instructions.  Now, I wonder if there was a manual that should have come with it that I didn't find but in this day and age, it should have been included as a pdf on the cd, right?

So, my journey will continue as I search for fabulous resources.  If you happen to know of anything that would help, please feel free to share those resources in the comments section!