Thursday, November 29, 2012


When I was still in the classroom, I had students complete daily mini quizzes (one or two small questions based on the work done in the previous class).  This allowed me to see what they got and what they didn't get right away.  I "assigned" homework each day but told them that they had the answers in the book so they could check it themselves.  If they needed help, they could come see me before school or at lunch.

My students were allowed to rewrite these mini quizzes as many times as needed to get a full 5/5.  Now that I look back, I know that there are a few things I would change.  Number 1:  I would allow students to review with me and then write the new mini quiz right away.  One blogger said that her students can't review with her and rewrite on the same day.  Very cool.  Another teacher has his students email him a request for assessment detailing
  1. What they want to reassess
  2. Reasons why they didn't do well the first time
  3. What they have done (not plan to do) to make sure they get it now
  4. What date/time they want to rewrite
They must complete these steps for each and every reassessment they want to complete.  If a student does not sufficiently answer the questions or they give lame responses (ie. I looked over the mini quiz), he replies to the email detailing where they need to be more specific.  

You can find his specific email form letter on his blog.

I would also have students sign up for a rewrite during class but not actually show up to do it.  grrrr...  This would definitely help.  I can't imagine that they would spend the time writing all the detailed information in the email and then not show up for the rewrite.  Also, I'm not going to call it a rewrite anymore.  I'll be using the term reassessment as I love the connotations that this word evokes.  It even sounds more serious.

I love it!  I will definitely be implementing the email Request to Reassess when I return to the classroom next year.  I think I will add this to the course outline that I stole borrowed from him in yesterday's post.  Either that or put it on my class blog.  Actually, that's probably the best place for it so that students can just do a copy paste and focus on filling in the details.    Oooohhhh....maybe even a google form.  I will have to play with those two ideas and see which one better fits the situation.  (All my students have a google education account so I don't have to worry about creating google email addresses.)

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