Friday, October 1, 2010

RSS Feeds

RSS Feeds...What are they?  Check out the video below that explains RSS Feeds in plain english. 

Other techno addicts at my school use RSS Feeds all the time and I've known for a long time that I really should do it.  Normally, I just subscribe to receive updates in my inbox.  However, if you've ever done this, you'll notice how quickly your inbox fills up.  I end up looking at it quickly, telling myself I'll come back to it later and then eventually just deleting it out of my email because I haven't got the time to spend to review again.  Today, I decided to go sign myself up for Google Reader.  Lo and behold, apparently I already did!  Now, I really have to take the time to get myself organized and actually use it.

The most important step (after registering of course) I started with was to create folders.  I really am trying to organize myself.  Right off the bat, I created a Web 2.0 educational folder, a family folder (for my family's blogs), and a Stamping folder (for my rubber stamping addiction). 

Second step?  Add a Google Reader tab to my home page.  I think I might even make it the first one that opens up instead of my email.  We'll see.  I have to prioritize now.  Which is more, at least I know they'll both open up, regardless of which tab is listed first.

Third step?  Transfer all my email subscriptions to RSS feeds.  This will take a bit as I have to go to each email so I can get to the website.  Then subscribe to the RSS feed.  Then I have to go back to my email and unsubscribe from all the email subscriptions.  Oi vey!  (sp?)

And finally, the all important step?  Check my reader!  Daily!

I know that bringing all the blog updates to my reader will save me a lot of time.  I really am looking forward to being organized.  Really, I don't understand why I haven't embraced this tool before. 

So, who did I add to my Web 2.0 Educational folder?  Right now, I only added two blogs.  I only had the opportunity to glance through them today but I really wanted to get my feed wet.  We'll see if they stay on the list or get tossed...
  • Kathy Schrock's Kaffeeklatsch:  She appears to focus on sharing various technology and apps that she has found.
  • Free For Teachers:    The post that caught my attention discussed how to obtain free supplies for your classroom.  Although this, of course, focuses on American resources, I thought the blog would probably end up being pretty useful.

Today's promise to myself:  Spend 5 minutes each day, looking at my reader and selecting one post to read.

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