Friday, June 15, 2012

Exploring the Laws of Logarithms

I was looking for a more student directed way of learning the Laws of Logarithms for Math 30-1 and 30-2 students in Alberta when I found a tweet by RobAnthony01 talking about his process.  I used his 140 characters and turned it into something I can give to my students to work on independently, with my guidance as necessary of course.

You can download my activity at my Teachers Pay Teachers store (for free).   You have to sign up for a free account but then you can download the file.  I've added other math products (for free) in there as well.  Of course, you can just download it using File==> Download as...  This is my first time embedding a google doc within blogger so we'll see how well it works.

It's not a very complicated activity but sure would be a heck of a lot more interesting than me saying "When adding two this.  When subtracting two this." 

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