Monday, September 19, 2011

Monkey Math

iPad, iPhone, iPod touch
Levels:  I would say Pre-school, Kindergarten and Grade 1.

I had a blast playing with this app on my iPad 2.

The fun monkey keeps you entertained while playing.  All instructions are spoken and written. They are repeated if you take too long to answer.

What happens if you make a mistake?  The monkey says "uh uh" and you try again.

What happens when you answer correctly?  Responses are repeated back.  For example, when completing a pattern, once you input the correct response it will tell you the basic pattern again.  If you added a missing number, it will read the full string of numbers.

After you get so many activities correct, you win an item for your aquarium.

Activities include:  Pop the biggest number; sets of 2; least # of item.   Fill in the missing number.  Connect the dots (numbers).  Find the shape with # sides. (Counts sides after you pick and says name of shape)   Addition time (shows qty of items as it's saying #). Subtraction time (shows qty of items and crosses off the subtraction).  Trace the #.  What comes next in the pattern.

Would I recommend this app?  Definitely!  It's well worth the $0.99.
My nieces say "Two Thumbs Up!" so I placed it in my Math Favorites folder on the iPad.

Music:  Can be turned off.
Sound:  Required for a few activities  unless students can read.  Most of the activities are pretty obvious, however.

I didn't run into any technical difficulties while running this app.

I found this features list on the Monkey Preschool website and stole it to include here.  Shhh.  Don't tell!
  • 9 interactive games that teach kids about sequencing, patterning, counting, adding and subtracting.
  • With very little interface, your child presses one button to immediately launch into uninterrupted play.
  • Uses Knack™ Technology to instinctively adjust the challenge levels to each individual player.
  • Irresistibly cute monkey guides the child through game play with animated celebrations for correct answers and gentle redirection for incorrect ones.
  • Kids collect rewards in their ANIMATED AQUARIUM.
  • Uninterrupted and unlimited play: game continues as long as the player desires.

The Review I added to the app:
What a fun and entertaining way to review math concepts!  I will definitely be recommending this to the K-2 teachers I will be working with.  I love that this app repeats back the responses for retention and prevents students from moving on until they have solved it correctly.  The aquarium is a cute addition.

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