Friday, September 9, 2011

Teaching Math without Words

This video really made me think about the way we, as teachers, present our materials.  Looking back at my own teaching, I wonder how many students were overwhelmed by the number of words that were contained in my lessons, activities and assessments.

I can see using the games integrated into my classroom to introduce concepts.  I couldn't get a big enough feel for it based on the sample games I played.  However, I must agree that the games I experienced were very intuitive.

It would be interesting to see if and how people have implemented a similar approach within their classrooms.  What kind of activities do you use?  What pros and cons do you see?  Please, share even if it's not exactly as described in the video (which would be very difficult to do)!

You can find out more about their program on their website:  MIND Research Institute.

I saw this video on Great Maths Teaching Idea.   I had to request more information about the program and it's price because I couldn't find a ton on the internet.  I was a bit worried because I couldn't even put in a Canadian postal code.  (Got around that by placing it in the province section and adding 99999 for the zip code.  We'll see if it works.)

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